An IT Department Delivered as a Managed Service

As a complete managed service provider (MSP), Vistitude is a one-stop shop for all of your computer needs. Imagine having your own IT department that understands your business objectives, truly understands your vision, and works in your best interest to achieve your goals. Imagine having an IT department that provides critical input for executive decision-making and ultimately executes plans of action consistent with your way of thinking. Imagine having an IT department that handles all of the technical aspects and can Get IT Done, report on key executive summary, and keep you focused on your other top priorities.

You can have that IT department with a Vistitude IT Complete fully managed service plan. We manage networks like we own them. We consider the business function, budget, objectives, and the factors most important to the management team. Our service includes thinking and critical decision-making. An IT department should not ask what it is supposed to do; rather it should understand the business and make intelligent recommendations fitting to the overall vision of leadership. The Vistitude IT Complete fully managed service plan delivers that IT department.

Managed Services Components

24x7 Monitoring
  • Windows Event Log Errors
  • Antivirus Status
  • System Performance Log
  • Backup Job Completion
IT Support
  • Phone, Email, and Chat Support
  • Remote and On-site Support
  • Alert Remediation and Incident Response
  • Custom/Project Service Planning
Proactive Maintenance
  • Windows and Application Updates
  • Security Updates and Scans
  • Configuration Tuning and Optimization
  • Manual Review and Recommendation
Reporting and Planning
  • Executive Health Summary
  • Hardware and Software Inventory
  • Service Action History
  • vCTO Review and Discussion

Unlimited Support and Service

All services covered by the Vistitude IT Complete fully managed service plan are fully included and unlimited. We take care of all the essential tasks required to properly manage business computer systems and networks. If a request is put in, we Get IT Done. If we receive an alert or see something that requires action, we Get IT Done.