IT Complete Plan Is a Life Changer
The Vistitude IT Complete plan allows us to run our business and not be distracted with computer issues. Our computer system has never run better, but if we do have an issue, they are prompt and thorough in fixing it.

The entire Vistitude team follows the same protocol when setting up and improving systems. They also have established protocols very specific to our company’s needs. They take amazing notes to ensure everyone is on the same page. No matter who you talk to at Vistitude, they are familiar with your system because of that protocol. They have our best interest in mind—not every vendor we deal with does. I feel 100% comfortable with their suggestions with respect to software and hardware improvements. They are extremely knowledgeable about all types of products and will research options for you and explain it in an easy way so you can make the best choices for your company. It is truly amazing.

Switching to the Vistitude IT Complete service plan is the best decision we have ever made. We are extremely happy and without a doubt they are the best IT firm around.

Rose Kiehle, Office ManagerLutheran Church of the Redeemer

Extremely Responsive Solving All Issues
Small business owners know computers systems can have hiccups from time to time but having Vistitude ready to help gives me peace of mind. I know Jason and his team will quickly solve any issue we encounter. When there are multiple ways to resolve an IT issue, Vistitude always gives us accurate cost/risk analysis for the potential solutions so we can make an educated decision. They are always quick to respond to our requests and over the course of our relationship, we have never had an IT issue linger.

Vistitude is extremely responsive to our requests. They are also the best firm we have encountered in explaining the problems and what the solutions are in an easy way to understand, thereby giving non-technical people an opportunity to understand what is wrong so that it can be fixed in the best way possible.

I would absolutely give Vistitude a try. Whether you have an existing IT firm or have a business that has grown to the point that you need IT assistance, Vistitude is always there for you. They are cost effective, and they never try to upsell you hardware or services that you do not need.

James Eliassen, ownerBest Buy Used Cars

Full IT Team Without the Full payroll
We have a full IT team at our disposal without having to pay full salary for it year-round. This has enabled us to have multiple people working on an issue when we need that level of attention without us having to add 2 or 3 employees.

Derrick Kennedy, PresidentDistrict Publishing

Properly Managed and Rapid Response
I trust the reliability of our computer systems because Vistitude sets the network up in a way to minimizes future issues. I take great comfort in knowing if we do have a problem, we will receive a rapid response from our IT team. They identify potential problems and move on it quickly before there is a business impact.

We are living in a business environment when a virus or other security threat could shut your business down with a wrong click. Vistitude is highly security conscious and helps protect against the daily threats my business faces.

Ed, ownerEdward A. Borio DDS

Friendly, Knowledgeable, and Reliable
You guys are professional, and someone always answers the phone when we need help. You explain everything in layman’s terms so that I can understand what we need and what is going on with our network/hardware.

Even though you are a small team, you treat your business like a corporate business (in a good way) that gives us consistent service that we can rely on.

The Vistitude team is very friendly, knowledgeable and reliable. You have helped us make the best choices that will solve our issues, give us the right equipment with the specs that we need (not overkill) that is within our budget. Many other IT firms give a one size fits all solution, and this is why we choose Vistitude over them.

Lori Drouillard, Business ManagerAutohaus Services Inc.

Fast Response to Any Issue
Vistitude is easy to work with. They respond to any issue, big or small, in a timely manner. They provide multiple solution options and explain things clearly. Their team coordinates with multiple contacts and keeps everyone on the same page.

Ron Shango, ownerThe Montessori School Rochester

Peace of Mind
I’m responsible for overseeing a municipal fire department with multiple mission critical computers that are accessed by up to 30 personnel. Vistitude successfully responds quickly to all issues and gives me the peace of mind needed to keep our systems functioning with optimum performance.

I highly recommend their services.

Kurt Nass, Fire ChiefHadley Twp. Fire Dept.